In many parts of Kenya, tourism is one of the few viable economic development options, but income and prosperity only flow into these communities if tourism companies make it happen through their employment and purchasing decisions.

At Uso Africa Safaris, we select our lodges and vendors to help maximize the potential for economic benefits to the communities in which we visit. Prior to utilizing any lodge for our clients, we meet with lodge managers to discuss their employment of local people, use of local sellers and vendors, and support of organizations, schools and clinics that exist in their communities.

Below are some examples of the lodges and vendors that Uso Africa Safari utilizes based on their commitment to community development.

Twala Cultural Manyatta

Twala is a women’s enterprise in Laikipia that provides community development through tourism, and serves as a model for how tourism in Kenya can truly be a vehicle for meaningful social change.

Sabache Camp

Sabache Camp is a terrific example of how tourism can facilitate economic and community development in the regions where tourism is most common, through a commitment to local employment and respect of natural landscapes.


Nabosu is a shop owned by Benjamin, an aspirational young man who allocates proceeds from Nabosu to help fund a greenhouse project in his community.

Lake Nakuru Lodge

Lake Nakuru Lodge is active in a number of community initiatives around the Nakuru region, including procurement of produce from a local garden that supports girls’ education, donation a portion of time of its on-staff nurse to a nearby clinic.

Kichwa Tembo

Masai Mara region
Kichwa Tembo works closely with local organizations to build capacity to produce honey and chickens that the lodge can then purchase rather than from markets further away. It also provides supplies and services by its nursing staff to local communities.

Mara West camp

Masai Mara region
Mara West works in partnership with Africa Mission Services to fund operations at a local medical clinic, sponsors dozens of young people for their primary and secondary education and subsidizes lodging fees for volunteers in the region.