We started Uso Africa Safaris in response to our shared observation of tourism as one of the few viable economic opportunities for many of Kenya’s rural communities.  We were also unsettled by the lack of income in many communities despite a high volume of safari-based tourism in the area, due to an apparent lack of commitment by companies to support the economies in which they conducted their business. Together, we started Uso Africa Safaris to not only help communities, but to create an example of how the safari business sector can make a significant contribution to the health and well-being of some of Kenya’s most poor areas.

Brett Bruyere,

Managing Director – U.S.A.

Brett began work in the Samburu region of Kenya in 2006 as a researcher, studying natural resources and the effects of protected areas and wildlife parks on local communities. In addition to his role at Uso Africa Safaris, Brett is a faculty member at a U.S. university. He has led several groups on exchange trips to the Samburu region.

David Karanja,

Managing Director – Kenya

David’s experience in the tourism industry initially began as a mechanic for a safari company, where he acquired fix-it skills that continue to come in handy as a guide many years later. Serving as a guide since 2001, David has acquired a number of certifications and trainings from the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association and Nature Kenya related to knowledge of Kenya’s diverse environments and cultures.  He has more than 2,000 previous clients – including organizations such as the BBC —  many of which return to Kenya and request David’s services specifically.