Uso Africa Safaris is guided by four Core Values

We understand that traveling
on the African continent is a
new adventure for most of
our clients.

We work with you to help customize an itinerary that meets the specific needs and interests of your group, to insure that your trip is the once in a lifetime memorable experience that it should be!

Safety & Well-Being
Client safety and well-being are the most important priorities at Uso Africa Safaris. During the planning phase we will ask questions about our client’s prior experiences that relate to their readiness and preparation for traveling in Kenya. We will do everything we can to insure safety while encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone to experience something new.
Traveling in Kenya presents once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and it is our intent to help clients experience many of them. At the end of every day we hope our clients feel like they have experienced something bold and exciting. When people ask our clients “How was Kenya?” upon their return home, we want them to have an abundance of stories.
Traveling abroad is an unprecedented opportunity to learn about the world. At Uso Africa Safaris, we aim for our clients to become aware of not only the abundant and amazing wildlife in Kenya but also the livelihoods of its people, the traditions within their cultures, and the initiatives and programs that address many of the prevailing issues in the country. Through such experiences we believe we stand to become strong and empathetic citizens of the globe.
Uso Africa Safaris recognizes the potential role of tourism in empowering the lives of people in Kenya who face ongoing hardships related to poverty. We identify community organizations that share our values and create a partnership that results in empowerment through education and/or income generation. In addition, Uso Africa Safaris allocates a portion of every safari and a percent of its annual profits to community organizations.